About Sky News International

Made by people who dare to challenge

"Sky News gives you the full picture first"
David Rhodes

Executive Chairman Sky News Group

Mission Statement

We aim to be the best and most trusted place for news. 

Made by people who dare to challenge. Made for people who want clarity in an uncertain world. We take you to the heart of the stories that shape our world.

These are our core values:

:: We are bold
:: We are rebellious
:: We have a competitive spirit that drives us to be first and best
:: We earn trust by behaving with integrity
:: We are pioneers and innovators
:: We celebrate success together
:: We put people at the centre of everything

We report on a broad range of stories in the UK and around the world, putting people at the centre of our storytelling.

We take politics and business news seriously, with separate studios in Westminster and the City of London.

Our correspondents are stationed in the United States, Russia and China - as well as Dublin, Brussels, Jerusalem, Istanbul, Delhi, Johannesburg and Bangkok to provide local knowledge and understanding of global stories.

As a member of The Trust Project, we're helping our audiences recognise the commitments and expertise of trustworthy journalism. 


Sophy Ridge

Politics presenter, and host of Politics Hub with Sophy Ridge

Sophy Ridge

Trevor Phillips

Host of Sunday Morning with Trevor Phillips

Trevor Phillips
Ian King

Ian King

Business Presenter and host of Business Live with Ian King

Sarah Jane Mee

Sarah-Jane Mee

Host of The UK Tonight with Sarah-Jane Mee

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